NEW Ricoh WG 50 Waterproof camera in Orange


New Ricoh WG 50 Orange

Uncompromising water, shock, dust, and freeze protection.

Tough construction for shooting in demanding outdoor conditions
Reliable waterproof construction to ensure worry-free shooting at a depth of 14m
Exceptional shockproof capability; it can withstand a fall from a height of 1.6m
Crushproof to a pressure up to 100kg
Coldproof down to –10°C.
Full range of mount accessories available separately.

The all-weather adventure camera.
A chassis rugged enough for the harshest conditions, from beneath the waves to the tops of the wintry mountains.

A rugged chassis you can rely on in the harshest conditions.
Exceptional 14 m water proofing and 1.6 m shock proofing.
With features that include uncompromising water proofing—good for two hours of continuous use at a depth of 14 m—freeze proofing* that ensures operation at temperatures of ?10 °C, and crush proofing capable of withstanding forces of 100 kgf, this rugged camera can be used in all conditions.

• Water proofing: IPX8, JIS Class 8?• Dust proofing: IP6X, JIS Class 6?• Shock proofing: Able to withstand drops of 1.6 m/5.2 ft. onto a 5 cm/2 in. thick surface using MIL-Standard 810F Method 516.5–Shock adapted to in-house standards?• Crush proofing: Tested according to RICOH standards

  • Battery capacity drops with ambient temperature, reducing the number of pictures that can be taken on a single charge.

Outdoor View Setting
The brightness of the LCD monitor can readily be adapted to changes in ambient lighting conditions for ease of viewing and an improved shooting experience. Brightness can be increased by up to two steps to make dark areas of the display easier to see in sunlight, or lowered by up to two steps to reduce glare for night photography.

Underwater Mode
This mode uses white balance optimized for underwater photos, making colors appear more natural by adding reds that tend to get lost in photos taken under water.

5× Optical Zoom,
Starting at 28 mm *
Sharp, High-Resolution Pictures
With a high-performance image processing engine and a back-illuminated CMOS sensor boasting high optical efficiency and an effective pixel count of 16 million, the WG-50 takes low-noise photos with a wide dynamic range that look beautiful even as prints.

  • 35 mm format equivalent.

Image Tone Modes Popularized by PENTAX DSLR Cameras
Tweaking the look of your images to suit the subject is as simple as selecting a shooting mode. Options include “Vibrant”, which combines balance and depth with a bright, vibrant tone, and “Slide Film”, which offers the contrast and high dynamic range characteristic of slide film.

Flash Off/Flash On
The camera can be configured to take two pictures each time the shutter button is pressed, one with the flash off and the other with it on, letting you concentrate on composition without fiddling with the controls.

User-Friendly “Digital Microscope” Mode
Take spectacular macro photos of details too small to be seen by the naked eye. Lighting is provided by six LEDs placed around the lens, ensuring that the camera never blocks the light.

*Number of recorded pixels is limited to 2M (16 : 9).

Shoot Movies in Full HD
Shoot spectacular Full HD footage (H.264/30 fps). The camera features a Type D HDMI connector for hassle-free connection to your TV.

Fully Featured for Fun Photography
25 scene modes/5 “Image Tone” options/Self-Portrait Assist/face detection autofocus and auto exposure for up to 32 subjects/Auto Tracking AF/AF assist lamp/Pixel Track SR/Digital SR/movie shake reduction (movie SR) using electronic vibration control/continuous shooting/burst shooting/auto bracketing/D-Range (dynamic range) options/Smile Capture/blink detection/pet detection/HDR mode/Small Face filter/Ink Rubbing filter/digital filter/Interval Shot/Interval Movie/quick movie editing/support for remote control (remote control available separately)/Eye-Fi compatible

Product data
Article Number 04572
Release date May 25, 2017
Camera Type
Digital compact camera resistant to water, dust, sand, crash, cold and pressure for movie and photo

1/2.3" CMOS

Total Pixels
approx. 16.76 MP

Effective Pixels
approx. 16 MP

16M(4608 × 3456), 12M(1:1)(3456 × 3456), 12M(16:9)(4608 × 2592), 7M(3072 × 2304), 5M(16:9)(3072 × 1728), 5M(2592 × 1944), 4M(16:9)(2592 × 1464), 3M(2048 × 1536), 2M(16:9)(1920 × 1080), 1024(1024 × 768), 640(640 × 480)

  • In Digital Microscope mode, recorded pixels is fixed to 2M(1920×1080).
  • In continuous shooting mode(High), recorded pixels is fixed to 5M(1600×1200) or 4M(2592×1464) per frame.
  • In Report mode, recorded pixels is fixed to 1280×960.
  • In Original Frame mode, recorded pixels is fixed to either 5M(2592×1944) or 4M(2592 × 1464).

Quality Level Still: ??? Excellent, ?? very good, ? good

1920(1920×1080): approx. 30fps, 1280(1280×720): approx. 60/30fps

AUTO, Manual (ISO 125 – 6400)

Noise reduction: Automatically applied when the shutter speed is slower than 0.25 sec

Shake Reduction

Pixel Track SR

Hi-sensitivity anti-shake mode (Digital SR)


Movie shake reduction mode (Movie SR)

White Balance
Auto, Daylight, Shade, Tungsten light, Fluorescent light(D:Daylight Color, N:Daylight White, W:White Light), Manual

Focal Length
5-25mm, equivalent to 28-140mm in 35mm

RICOH zoom lens, 11 elements in 9 groups (5 aspherical elements)

Aperture : F3.5(W) – F5.5(T)

Smallest aperture
Aperture : F4.2(W) – F6.6(T)

Digital Zoom
Digital zoom: approx. 7.2x

Intelligent zoom: approx. 7.5x at 7M, approx. 36x at 640 (including optical zoom)

Optical Zoom

Shooting distance
Standard: 0.5m – infinity / 1.64ft. – infinity (entire zoom range)

Macro:0.1 – 0.6m / 0.33 – 1.97ft. (entire zoom range)

1cm Macro:0.01 – 0.3m / 0.03 – 0.98ft. (middle zoom position)

Focusing System
Type TTL contrast detection auto focus system
Infinity-landscape, Pan Focus, Manual Focus: available

9-point AF, Spot AF, Auto tracking AF

AF Modes
Macro: 0.1 – 0.6m / 0.33 – 1.97ft. (entire zoom range)

1cm Macro: 0.01 – 0.3m / 0.03 – 0.98ft. (middle zoom position)

Manual focus range: 0.01m – infinity (Depends on the zooming steps. 0.01m is only available in 2 – 4 zoom step.)

Manual AF Modes
0.01m – infinity (Depends on the zooming steps. 0.01m is only available in 2 – 4 zoom step.)

AF assist
AF assist lamp available

2.7" (6.86mm) Wide TFT color LCD , with Anti-reflective AR Coating (Cover only)

approx. 230k dots

Playback functions:

One Shot, Index (6 thumb nails, 12 thumb nails), Enlargement (up to 10X, scroll available), Movie Playback, Sound Playback, Histogram, Folder display, Select&Delete, Calendar

Digital filter:

B&W / Sepia, Toy Camera, Retro, Color, Extract Color, Color Emphasis, High Contrast, Starburst, Soft, Fish-eye, Brightness, Miniature Filter

1/4000 – 1/4sec. (Mechanical and electronic shutter)

4 sec at most. (Night Scene mode setting)

Exposure system
Multi-segment metering, Centre-weighted metering, Spot metering

Exposure Modes
Scene Modes:

Auto Picture, Program, HDR, Handheld Night Snap, Movie, High Speed Movie, Digital Microscope, Landscape, Flower, Portrait, Underwater, Underwater Movie, Interval Shot, Interval Movie, Surf & Snow, Kids, Pet, Sport, Night Scene, Night Scene Portrait, Fireworks, Food, Digital SR, Report, Green

Auto picture scene modes:

Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene, Night Scene Portrait, Standard, Flower, Sport, Candlelight, Blue Sky, Sunset, Text, Group Photo, Pet, Portrait x Blue Sky, Portrait x Sunset, Portrait x Backlight

±2EV (1/3EV steps)

Auto Bracketing

Flash-on and Flash-off modes, “red-eye” compensation function employs a pre-discharge

Effective Range
Wide: approx. 0.2 – 5.5 m (ISO Auto)

Tele: approx. 0.2 – 3.5 m (ISO Auto)

Exposure Parameters
Drive modes:

One shot, Self-timer [10 sec, 2 sec, Remote Control (immediate or 3 sec)], Cont. Shooting, Burst Shooting, Remote Control, Interval Shooting, Auto Bracket

Start-up time: approx. 1.5 sec

Release time lug: approx. 0.008 sec

Continious Shooting: approx. 1.08 frame/sec

The max. number of frames at continious shooting: 69

Face Recognition
Face Detection AF&AE is available for all modes up to 32 faces.

Smile Capture, Self-portrait assist, Self-portrait Assist + Smile Capture, Blink Detection,

Detect up to 1 pet’s face (auto)

Digital Filter
B&W / Sepia, Toy Camera, Retro, Color, Extract Color, Color Emphasis, High Contrast, Starburst, Soft, Fish-eye, Brightness, Miniature Filter

1920(1920×1080): approx. 30fps, 1280(1280×720): approx. 60/30fps

Save as still image, Divide Movies, Adding title picture

Digital Filter
B&W / Sepia, Toy Camera, Retro, Color, Extract Color, Color Emphasis, High Contrast, Starburst, Soft, Fish-eye, Brightness, Miniature Filter

Playback functions:

One Shot, Index (6 thumb nails, 12 thumb nails), Enlargement (up to 10X, scroll available), Movie Playback, Sound Playback, Histogram, Folder display, Select&Delete, Calendar.

Playback modes:

Slideshow, Image Rotation, Small Face Filter, Ink Rubbing Filter, Collage, Digital Filter(B&W / Sepia, Toy Camera, Retro, Color, Extract Color, Color Emphasis, High Contrast, Starburst, Soft, Fish-eye, Brightness, Miniature), HDR Filter, Original Frame, Movie Edit, Red-eye Edit, Resize, Cropping, Image Copy, Protect, Start-up Screen

Built-in Memory approx. 68MB

SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards

Compatible with Eye-Fi wireless memory cards

File Format

JPEG, conforms to DCF2.0, PRINT Image Matching III


MPEG: 4 AVC/H.264


Movie/Underwater Movie: 32KHz, 16bit, monaural
High Speed Movie: 8KHz, 16bit, monaural

Special Features
Water proof / Dustproof:
Equivalent to JIS Class 8 waterproof and JIS Class 6 dustproof capabilities.

Intelligent zoom not applicable under Report Mode

Waterproof (Up to 14m (45ft.) for 2hours)

Shock proof (Up to 1.6m (5.2ft.))

Operating Temperature -10°C to 40°C

Eye-Fi Compatible

Macro light

Changing Folder name function supported.

HDMI Type D (Micro) port.

Remote control compatible.

Language English, French, Germany, Spanish, Portuguese, Italy, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Turkey, Greek, Russian, Thai, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Interfaces : USB 2.0 (Micro-B), HDMI terminal Type D

Rechargeable D-LI92 Lithium-Ion battery

Optional AC adapter kit

Still*: approx. 300 shots (Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery)

Playback**: approx. 260 min. (Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery)

Movie: approx. 90 min. **

  • Recording capacity shows approximate number of shots recorded during CIPA-compliant testing. Actual performance may vary depending on operating conditions.
  • According to the result of RICOH IMAGING in-house testing.

61.5 mm


29.6 mm

173 g (without battery and memory card)

193 g (loaded and ready)

PC: Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12

Kit Content
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery D-LI92 – 39800

Carabiner strap O-ST104 – 38657

Macro stand O-MS1 – 39004

USB cable I-USB7 – 37019

Power adapter li-ion – 38657

WG Flat adhesive mount O-CM1471 – 37030

WG Handle bar mount O-CM1472 – 37031

WG Suction Cup mount O-CM1473 – 37032

WG Holder O-CH1470 – 37033

Large adhesive mount O-CM1532 – 37041

Magnet mount O-CM1535 – 37044

Wrist strap mount O-CM1533 – 37042

Peg mount O-CM1534 – 37043

Helmet strap mount O-CM1536 – 37045

Angle adapter O-MA1532 – 37047

Carabiner – 38067

Chest harness – 50284

Remote control O-RC1 – 39892

Floating Strap – 50195

Black neoprene case – 50242

Charger kit K-BC92E – 39804

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery D-LI92 – 39800

AC adapter K-AC117E – 38971

WG Repair parts 1 O-CM1474 (for O-CM1471) – 37034

WG repair parts 2 O-CM1475 (replacement nut for O-CM1471/72/73) – 37035

WG Repair parts 3 O-CM1476 (for O-CH1470) – 37036

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