Ricoh WG Holder O-CH1470


WG Holder O-CH1470

Securely holds WG series cameras
Includes tripod connection and strap to secure the camera

With the use of this holder, a camera can be mounted on a dedicated accessory (separately sold).

Applicable Models

WG-5 WG-4 WG-3 WG-2 WG-1 WG-30 WG-20 WG-10


Outer Dimension Body: Approx. 109.5 mm (Width) x Approx. 43.5 mm (Height) x Approx. 45 mm (Thickness)
Fixing Band: Approx. 27 mm (Diameter) x Approx. 140 mm (Height) x Approx. 3 mm (Thickness)
Weight Body: Approx. 27 g Fixing Band: Approx. 6 g

Camera Not Included!

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