Panasonic Lumix TZ-80


Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80 Black version

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Panasonic’s TZ80 with a 30x optical zoom, 18.1MP sensor, 4K Video and Wi-Fi.

Explore the Panasonic DMC-TZ80EB – Superzoom Camera – Take this pocket-sized camera on your next trip. Its powerful 30x zoom lens and 4K Video/Photo recording capability let you save your travel memories in exactly the form you want.

Get Closer to the Moment. The Leica DC Vario Elmar 24mm wide angle and powerful 30x optical zoom giving a 35mm equivalent of 24-720mm and 60x intelligent zoom brings you an intimate view of that unmissable moment during your adventure.

Capture unmissable moments with 4K photo – 4K photo allows you to capture that unmissable moment with 30FPS and select your best photo after shooting.
Select, shoot and save with 4K photo – making moments truly unmissable.

4K Video. Life in vivid detail. Record your adventure in upto 4x the quality of Full HD, giving you more excitement, detail and vivid unmissable memories.

4K Live Cropping – enables unique video expressions that were previously difficult to record. Only the recording frame moves whilst the camera maintains a fixed position. This allows stable panning and let’s you zoom in on a subject that is not in the images central position.

Shoot Now, Focus Later. Decide what you want in focus – after you have taken the shot. The post focus function gives you the power to do just that. Simply capture the scene, review the image and touch the part of the photo that you would like pin sharp. A simple feature that will allow you to capture that stunning shot.

Live Viewfinder. To see it all. The live viewfinder automatically turns on when you life the camera to your eye so you can miss that unmissable shot and capture every detail. The control ring provides a smooth manual control of the aperture, shutter speed, zoom and focus.

High Speed Auto Focusing with DFD Technology. Depth from Defocus (DFD) Auto Focus (AF) Technology instantly calculates the distance between items inside the frame and drives the focus lens in one fast, continuous movement.

Blur-Less Video Shooting. The Hybrid O.I.S.+ with 5 axis correction allows you to get blur-less one handed video shooting.

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