Reflecta x9-Scan 35mm Film & Transparency Scanner OOS


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The Reflecta X9 Film Scanner has a resolution of 5 megapixels and an extremely quick scan time of 1 second.

The scanner is PC independent (it is not possible to scan via PC) and powered by batteries or AC adaptor, so can be used almost anywhere. Scans are stored on an SC card (not supplied) and can be viewed on the 2.4" LCD display immediately.

35mm Negatives are automatically converted into positives. Using the USB cable, it is possible to view the scans on a PC and edit them with the supplied editing programme.

The scans can also be viewed on a TV screen. Using the film and slide holder you can achieve scan efficiency and save time.

Product Features:

Film Type – Negative & positive as strip (35mm) or slide (5×5cm)
Optical Resolution 1800×1800 dpi at 5MP
2.4" LCD Display
30 bit colour depth
Optical Density – 3.0 DMAX
CMOS sensor
Max Scan size 24.3×36.6mm
SD/SDHC card slot
Dimensions 108×106×143mm (LxWxH)
Accessories: Slide holder for 3 framed slides, film holder for 35mm film strip up to 6 images, USB cable, AC Adaptor, Lithium Ion Battery

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