Reflecta X7-Scan Film & Transparency Scanner


The Reflecta x7-Scan offers a resolution of 14 megapixel (3200 dpi) 35mm film strip and 5×5cm slide as well as the possibility to scan Instamatic (126 mm) films and pocket films (110 mm).

The x7-Scan can be operated completely stand-alone, and features a built-in lithium-ion battery and a large 2.4’’ LCD display which allows you to view and check the scanned results immediately. The operation time of the fully charged battery is about 2.5 hours or approx. 2,000 scans. The x7-Scan can be operated completely independent of a PC or mains supply (a computer is not required for scanning). The Reflecta x7-Scan can also be powered using the supplied AC adapter. The scanner features a built-in SD/SDHC card slot to save the scanned images directly to an SD/SDHC card. The USB 2.0 port allows for easy connection to any PC or notebook if you want to transfer the digital images to your computer. A USB cable is included with the package. Individual slides (5 × 5 cm, up to a frame thickness of 3.2 mm, max. of three in a holder), individual negatives or negative film strips (35 mm, up to 6 photos at once), pocket film strips (110 mm, up to 8 photos), and Instamatic film strips (126 mm, up to 7 photos) can be scanned with high resolution. The scanner is supplied complete with the matching slide and film holders. Using a CMOS image sensor, the x7-Scan offers a maximum optical resolution of 3200 dpi/14 megapixel. A colour scan with a colour depth of 30 bit takes as little as two seconds. Maximum scan size is 24.3 × 36.5 mm. Package includes: x7-Scan, USB cable, TV out cable, AC adapter, lithium-ion battery, holder for 3 framed slides up to 3.2mm thick, holder for film strips with up to 6 photos, film holder for 110mm (pocket) film strips with up to 8 photos, holder for 126mm film strips with up to 7 photos, cleaning brush, image editing software “ArcSoft MediaImpression” and user instructions.

Product Features:

Film Type: Negative and positive as a strip of 6 (35mm) or slide (5×5cm) as well as 110mm film strip (pocket) and 126mm as film strip
Optical resolution 3200×3200 dpi at 14MP
2.4" LCD Display
30 bit colour depth
Optical Density 3.0 Dmax
CMOS Sensor
Maximum Scan Range 24.3×36.5mm
USB 2.0 and TV Out (PAL/NTSC)
SD/SDHC card slot
500 G
Dimensions 105×104×164mm (LxWxH)
Holder for 3 framed slides, film holder for film strips (35mm) up to 6 images, film holder for 110mm (pocket) film strips up to 8 iamges, film holder for 126mm film strips up to 7 iamges, USB cable, AC adapter, Lithium-Ion Battery

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